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Our Mission.

HomePryde LLC has a simple mission: to be your complete home maintenance provider.

Our company was founded in an effort to shake up the current status quo of trusting multiple, un-reliable contractors who lack in communication, professionalism, payment infrastructure, and reliability. We thought - What if there was one company that served the entirety of it's clients needs, in one stop, one time a week? ... the idea for HomePryde was born! 

Logan Trigg

Since then, this idea has blossomed into a simple, yet elegant, solution for homeowners to trust for all their home maintenance needs.


We will custom tailor a home maintenance plan to fit you and your property's specific needs. Our clients are partnered with a single point of contact within the HomePryde organization, so you can always rest assured knowing that if there is ever a problem, we are just a phone call away.


Additionally, our technicians are strategically routed each day, which allows weekly home maintenance services like lawn care and pool cleaning to be performed at the same time, respecting your privacy and reducing the amount of times a technician is on your property throughout the week. 


Kyle Condra

Unlike other "concierge" property management companies, we perform a vast majority of the work ourselves with vetted, and trusted HomePryde employees. This allows us to maintain a high standard of care and provide the absolute best service to our clients.

HomePryde aims to take a never before seen professionalized approach to home maintenance and ultimately provide our clients with a trusted, and reliable, home maintenance service. 

We look forward to serving you.

- The HomePryde Team

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Cross home maintenance chores off your to-do list.

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